Sunday, 11 April 2010

much too young

One day I'll write something less melancholy. But, in the meantime.... today is my wedding anniversary. Or was, as I'm no longer married, or nearly no longer married. Almost divorced. Then will I have a divorce anniversary in years to come? Earlier this week I happened to be visiting the town where I moved to when I first got married. I lived there 3 years and left 20 years ago. So I got married 23 years ago today. Way, way too young. I parked the car outside my old house, our first home, first mortgage. So grown up. The house looked so small now. Memories grow, things were always bigger when you were a child. We were happy there. Most of the time. I think. We'd escaped our home town and were intent on developing an independent us. We became one unit whilst living there. Shrewsbury, Shropshire. My great grandmother happened to come from there, moving to Blackpool for work. I apparently take after her. It did seem like I was going back home the other day. More so than when I head west down the M55.

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